AGT Electric Cars in Canada
  • Q: How can I find pricing for an AGT product?

    A:Your local AGT dealer can quote you current pricing for AGT product and assist you in determining the correct product for your applications.
  • Q: How can I locate an authorized AGT dealer?

    A: Please click here to find an AGT dealer near you.
  • Q: How can I become an authorize AGT dealer?

    A: AGT Electric is always seeking new opportunities to bring its vehicles to the market.  If you are interest in joining our dealer network please call our office @ 905-331-0491 or send an inquiry to info@agtecars.com.
  • Q: Who can perform maintenance on my vehicle?

    A: We recommend you have an authorized AGT dealer service your vehicle. Using a non-authorized dealer or performing your own maintenance may void your warranty.
  • Q: I am having trouble with my AGT vehicle, where can I get help?

    A: In the event that you are experiencing a problem please contact your AGT dealer. The dealer can provide service for your vehicle and will work with you to correct any problems that may arise.
  • Q: How long does it take to charge the vehicle?

    A: It takes 6 to 8 hours to complete a full charge on the batteries.
  • Q: What is the lifespan of the batteries?

    A: The life span of the batteries is anywhere from 3 to 7 years.  There are many variables, such as depth of discharge, maintenance, temperature, how often and how deep they are cycled that effect the lifespan of the batteries.
  • Q: What can I do to prolong the lifespan of the batteries?

    A: With proper maintenance you can substantially improve the life of the batteries.  For detailed instructions on proper maintenance of the batteries please refer to the manual. Click here.
  • Q: Is there warranty?

    A: Yes.  AGT offer two (2) year bumper to bumper warranty on its Cricket and Hobbit series vehicles and a one (1) year bumper to bumper warranty an all other vehicles.  For more details please contact your authorized AGT dealer.